THIMPL strategy provides business transformation services that help organizations craft powerful, flexible strategies that yield greater customer relevance, reduced costs and significant growth.
Business transformation is an integrated, holistic response to major disruptions and new market opportunities which takes a coordinated approach to change across the entire business.  It is a multi-year journey to fundamentally transform the way an organization structures itself and goes to market based on clear outcomes and driven by a relentless focus on value.

A business transformation addresses four closely linked, highly integrated elements of a company’s go-to-market strategy: its market and partnership strategy, which defines the firm’s role and the ways it interacts in the business ecosystem; its business model strategy, or how, in terms of customers, offerings, channels and commercial plays, it makes money in a given market ; its operating model strategy, which describes the internal capabilities (including people, processes, technologies and governance) it can marshal to capture value via the business models ; and its governance model regarding the fundamentals of the owners.
Whether the trigger for transformation is growth-driven, market-driven, performance-driven, original thoughts-driven, the goal is to fundamentally change a company’s strategy across all four elements to deliver significantly greater growth and reasonable costs.

Why THIMPL strategy ?
THIMPL strategy is well positioned to help our clients through every step of transformation process — from vision to successful implementation
Our approach to business-wide transformation is different. We look at costs but we also place an equally strong emphasis on generating revenue to help companies grow their line results. Today’s volatile business and economic environment also drives another important aspect of our differentiated approach: the notion of “continuous transformation” where we help to create agile, flexible organizations with the ability to modify and adapt to changing circumstances and fresh opportunities as they arise.