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    Competitive intelligence weakened

    Deserted by small and mid-size enterprises, competitive intelligence is nevertheless a decisive strategic tool in a context of intense competition. A practice that allows you to better understand your competitive environment, but also to protect your know-how and influence your industry.

    Small and medium-sized businesses are just as interesting targets as large accounts.
    THIMPL strategy helps you build a confident, resilient and learning organization.

    Economic information is excessively abundant. Research data on markets, follow customers, get an idea of ​​the strategy of competitors, check that we are in tune with our partners, anticipate technological developments, follow the development of a standard … as many issues which are at the heart of any business project and which must be protected, regardless of size or field of activity. But faced with this profusion, facilitated by the accelerated development of the Internet and its applications, where to start?

    At THIMPL strategy we help you to find, organize, disseminate useful information, that which gives a comparative advantage to the company.

    How to check its quality, validate its content, ensure that it reaches the right recipient and that he perceives its meaning?
    How to secure that you write yourself in your publications, on your website, or in what you explain to an interlocutor, are not a source of strategic information whose communication is detrimental to the advantage that we want to acquire or at least preserve?

    At THIMPL strategy we help you to identify and protect your vulnerabilities.

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