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    Physical security on the front line

    At THIMPL strategy we explain the real strength and effectiveness of physical security controls in data centers, offices, factories, project rooms, critical infrastructures, future smart buildings.

    Many companies do a great job of protecting themselves with cybersecurity of networks and applications against virtual threats. At the same time, they can ignore the risk of physical threats. Physical threats can include common security incidents such as criminals forcing locks, stealing devices, or even convincing an employee to let them into a server room for maintenance.

    Without strong physical security, no security professional can claim to provide true information security or good security posture.
    THIMPL strategy testers know exactly how bad actors gain physical access to sensitive and secure areas, and use this experience to build their recommendations.

    THIMPL strategy has created a working group made up of military and civil forensic science practitioners to extract evidence from complex scenes to develop objective findings that can assist in the investigation process. Because the credibility of the evidence often depends upon the integrity of the handlers, examiners, experts, and presenters of that evidence, we have decided to adopt an internal policy on forensic research based on our own code of professional responsibility.

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