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    Our Project Management Services help you increase competitive advantage by supporting the delivery of infrastructure projects to scope, budget and schedule.
    What’s the difference between a business or IT project that runs smoothly and one that fails to perform? The smooth-performing project was likely executed using a rigorous project management capability and led by experienced professionals.
    To deliver the full benefits of both new technologies and traditional erp solutions — including lowered expenses, increased agility and faster time to market — organizations demand Project Management professionals who can successfully manage the project lifecycle from strategy through delivery to completion.
    A mature project management practice and methodology can help your projects produce solid strategic results. A recent Project Management Institute poll finds that fewer than 10 percent of all organizations rate themselves as excellent when it comes to executing initiatives that deliver strategic results. As a result, only 56 percent of strategic initiatives meet their original goals and business intent. Instituting project management excellence can help you do better — much better.
    Project management today requires a professional who can not only manage projects — they also must be customer focused, action orientated, able to deal with ambiguity, have political savvy, optimize staff and budget, and have access to expertise and talent across multiple disciplines and technologies.

    Our methodology approach is differentiating:

    • Because an industrialized approach does not mean ”one size fits all”— our methodology models can be tailored to any client organization, to any technology or business needs.
    • Because it is a holistic approach covering all aspects of a project—for example, it does not only include solution delivery, but also project management, planning, change management activities (such as business and organizational impact analysis and communication) and supports the transition of applications to the maintenance/support organization.

    4 generic approaches will be considered:

    1. The waterfall model is a sequential process arranged in seven Phases which must be carried out in chronological order. The progress of this process is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall).
    2. The Fast Track model deliver simple and standalone solutions needed as part of a business improvement project either for a quick-win or for a larger project with a small IS part.
    3. The Agile-Scrum model is a Collaboration-based ICT/Business relation where the solution is matured by iterating on running software.
    4. The Time-Box Iterative model structure the entry into service of IS solution in smaller batches corresponding to the right business value increments delivered through time-boxed cross-discipline iterations.

    Effective portfolio, program and project management can dramatically improve strategic business outcomes, while also supporting delivery to scope, budget and schedule. In addition, your organization no longer needs to bear the full weight of portfolio, program and project management. Instead, you can get valuable help from proven, experienced THIMPL strategy project professionals.

    Why THIMPL strategy ?

    • Align projects with enterprise strategy and business results
    • Optimize program and project management resources
    • Leverage technology innovation for business value and competitive advantage
    • Manage risks and budgets
    • Provide robust and effective governance
    • Support project responsiveness and delivery to scope, budget and schedule
    • Accelerate the adoption of new technologies
    • Make more timely, fact-driven decisions
    • Provide enterprise-wide reporting to stakeholders
    • Select the right technology solution for your business requirements
    • Achieve high-quality business outcomes
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